The Most Expensive 1400$ Coffee: Amazon Scam

Today I experienced something on Amazon I didn’t think would ever actually happen. I purchased the most expensive coffee of my life! Sure we hear horror stories and rumors. But to have it happen to you. Well that is a different feeling indeed. Once that needed a video! Thank you https://www.huntsphotoandvideo.com/ for being so amazing in this situation!

Why can’t all Emojis be created EQUAL?!

Why the hell can’t I be confident in my emoji being represented the way I see it on my device when sent to a different device?! Imagine if a heart emoji sent from one person’s device showed up on the recipient’s app as a pile of poo. It’d be social suicide(first world problems). That doesn’t happen because emoji are standardized by Unicode to prevent such cross-platfo...


Since the inception of AltTabMe 10 years ago, we have always believed in iteration! We are happy to announce the next generation of TAB!

Better than a Netflix Binge – Subnautica by NEEBS Gaming!

Neebs Gaming is from the creators of Battlefield Friends. They are voice actors and gamers with vibrant personalities. They usually play a game series and pretend that they are the characters in that world and explore it together. Subnautica takes this premise and goes so much further! The game is single player exploration/survival so in order to get the whole crew together one of the guys play th...

“Behind the Avatar” with Milleuda – What it means to be a gamer, the cliches, friendships, and more!

  Everyone has a story when it comes to why they game and I find those stories extremely interesting. But often we are hidden behind a nickname and avatar we chose for us in game. The whole point of this is to get an insight into the player… Behind the Avatar! What got you into gaming? Why do you play specific games? Why do you game? What does gaming mean to you? How has gaming helped y...


Before World of Warcraft made gaming a worldwide cultural phenomenon and changed the way most people viewed gamers, i.e. not just something the “reclusive” and people without “social lives” participated in, I used to get a lot of slack from others for gaming.If I wanted to stay home and play a video game my friends would look at me cross eyed. Thus I even shunned myself from gaming and would go ou...

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