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Why DBrand’s Grip Case Stands Out (Not Sponsored)

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So much thought went into this case that I just had to make a video on it. I had to show you all what this is about and all the different, really cool ideas behind its design. From the inset back to the raised camera bump so that when you put it down, it doesn’t wobble. There’s also the concave area that makes it almost flush with your screen in the swiping areas, yet raised on the edges to protect your phone if it falls.

The different material types on the sides contribute to its namesake—the grip case—making it incredibly grippy. The button presses feel really nice, and the engineering alone is impressive. Add to that the ability to customize it with Dbrand Skins, and you have a case worth discussing.

Let me give you a bit of backstory before diving into the details. I received an email from Dbrand offering to send me their Grip Case and pay me $50 if I hated it. Skeptical and thinking it might be spam, I confirmed its authenticity and received the case. As someone addicted to silicone cases, I didn’t think I’d be swayed. However, after using it, I ended up really liking it.

Design and Engineering

The case arrives in a well-presented box with multiple skin options for customization. The unique patterns and textures of the skins—ranging from marble-like finishes to matte and paper-like textures—add a nice touch. But beyond the skins, the case itself is where the real innovation lies.

The back of the case features an inset design that feels great in the hand and provides extra grip. Little plastic bumps add to this effect, making the phone feel secure when you hold it. The raised camera bump prevents wobbling when placed on a surface, a subtle yet brilliant idea.

On the front, the edges of the case cascade down near the swiping areas, making it easy to swipe without obstruction. This design rounds up at the corners to protect the phone from falls. In comparison, traditional cases with uniform lips can feel obstructive during swipes.

Usability and Features

The Grip Case lives up to its name with its multiple textures and excellent grip. The button presses are satisfying, with a tactile feel that’s easy to locate without looking. The case is also lightweight, defying my initial worries about added bulk.

When it comes to protection, the case does an excellent job. Since using it, I’ve dropped my phone several times without any issues. The design ensures it sits flat on surfaces, avoiding the common rocking problem with other cases.


One of the standout features is the ability to customize the case with Dbrand Skins. These skins offer a variety of looks without changing the case itself. However, adding a leather back does increase the thickness slightly, which can affect the MagSafe performance, but it still works perfectly overall.


The Dbrand Grip Case is one of the best cases I’ve used. Its thoughtful engineering, lightweight design, excellent grip, and customizable skins make it a top choice. Whether you’re looking for protection, style, or functionality, this case delivers on all fronts. Highly recommended for anyone looking to upgrade their phone case experience.

Sometimes ya come across a product that just makes ya feel like ya need to tell people about!
The Dbrand Grip Case. LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing!

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