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“Behind the Avatar” with Milleuda – What it means to be a gamer, the cliches, friendships, and more!

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Everyone has a story when it comes to why they game and I find those stories extremely interesting. But often we are hidden behind a nickname and avatar we chose for us in game.

The whole point of this is to get an insight into the player… Behind the Avatar!

  • What got you into gaming?
  • Why do you play specific games?
  • Why do you game?
  • What does gaming mean to you?
  • How has gaming helped you in life?
  • And so much more!

This is like clicking a book of lore in a game to get more information about the characters in the world you run around in, but those characters are you!

These are meant to be watched or listened to as a podcast. The visuals are there if you want them but it is also a great format for something to toss into your headphones and listen as you go!

In this episode we interview MilleudaMilleuda and get some really amazing insight into his gaming life, not only as a gamer but as a gay gamer. Not that this makes it any more or less… anything… but his journey is very interesting and unique for those who have not experienced it.

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