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The Handy Open-Ended Sleeve Collection Review

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We were sent for review purposes some of the new Sleeves for “The Handy“. If you have not yet read our review of that amazing device, I highly recommend it here!

Disclaimer: If you enjoyed these reviews please feel free to use this link to make any purchases of the sleeves above to help support us! It costs you nothing and gives us a little back for the holiday.
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Anyway, this device takes sleeves that can invoke different feelings and sensations.  Naturally when I saw there were “new and improved” sleeves I had to try them out!

I am going to keep this short and sweet, as I just noticed they have since released even MORE new ones, so I have to go test those out now!

First the good:

Each sleeve is open ended, meaning you hang out of the end.

This is great for not getting that weird bubble at the top that the original one made, when air inevitably snuck into the design.

And like its name

The Handy Open-Ended Sleeve Collection

This is not the best design for this type of sleeve since it is right next to the part of the machine that is OPEN. So any “liquids” not just including from your body, but also the lube, will and has gotten into the machine from it. It also tends to drip down your crotch area if the machine is in an upright as there is no suction to keep it in place.

But that ONE flaw aside, I would rank these in the following order of BEST to MEH.

BEST is easily the “Hard” design

It has the most rigid design so you don’t have to worry about tightening the strap too crazy to get the right feeling. It lasts longer before you need to replace it. And it just kinda destroys you. Which is, let’s be real, why WE BUY SEXY MACHINES! WRECK ME!!! ha. The pattern is also well designed enough to keep you hoping you don’t cum too early in a video cause this is gonna get intense fast!

Second is a slightly different pattern but in SOFT.

This one when tightened in the strap properly has a good pattern for build up orgasms. It isn’t the best, but it is def second best.

And finally, last but not least… the MEH

I dunno what it is about this one, the pattern should technically feel good, but it feels.. well.. MEH. The structure of it is not soft nor hard and so again it feels meh. There is no tightened strap that makes it feel any less meh. It just feels kinda.. smooth when The Handy Moves it up and down.

So overall, I believe these def improve on the original design. However I have hopes that the best is yet to.. cum…


All the benefits of the above, but with the shortcomings resolved it seems. So… now to get my dick into these and I will report back!

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