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Ultimate Handy Sleeve Showdow: Chrysm vs Lips – Which is the best Sleeve?

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In the world of pleasure tech, finding the perfect sleeve for your Handy can feel like navigating a maze of promises and pitfalls. But fear not, intrepid pleasure seekers, for today we embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries of two contenders: Chrysm and Lips. So buckle up (or rather, strap in), as we dive deep into the nuances of these handy companions.

Chrysm: The Unconventional Contender

Chrysm presents itself with distinctive features, notably its textured surface and an air hole designed to enhance suction. Initial impressions may raise expectations, yet the reality of its performance falls somewhat short. Despite its textured interior, the promised suction fails to deliver, resulting in a looser sensation than anticipated. However, an interesting discovery lies in flipping Chrysm inside out, revealing heightened intensity, albeit at the expense of a tight entrance.

Overall, if you get creative and turn this sleeve inside out it can be an intense pleasure, but it fell short of expectations. I guess this would be best used for slower content as the tightness and textures are quite aggressive and can numb if moving too fast.

Lips: The Epitome of Excellence

Enter Lips, the embodiment of perfection in Handy Sleeve design. Crafted from a seemingly magical curves and shapes, Lips features an air pocket at the top that beckons exploration. Breaking through this barrier reveals a world of sensations, reminiscent of lips, vaginal textures, and snug orifices. This is what can only be described as the perfect sleeve for The Handy. This thing is made of something magical. It can only be described as, a Kegel in silicon form. It is the perfect combination of textured entry to an open aired top. I have two of these and one was used enough to form a hole in it. This worked great with a hole in it as the air pocket when collapsed makes an even different experience when entering it. So one might even DIY this with a hole right under the strap lip on the outside.

It also holds really well to the Handy. Overall this is the kind of all sleeves. Works for all types of content and has very little downfalls other than it will eventually wear out and you will need to buy another one.

Final Thoughts:

After thorough evaluation, it becomes evident that Lips surpasses Chrysm in terms of overall performance and satisfaction. While Chrysm presents intriguing possibilities, its inconsistent delivery may deter those seeking reliability and stimulation.

In contrast, Lips excels in providing a consistently satisfying experience. Its innovative design, coupled with durability and versatility, positions Lips as the go-to choice for users seeking the ultimate pleasure. Whether indulging in slow, sensual encounters or embracing intense stimulation, Lips delivers on its promise of unparalleled satisfaction. So, if you’re in the market for a Handy Sleeve that’s as reliable as it is pleasurable, look no further than Lips. It’s time to elevate your pleasure game with the perfect companion – Lips.

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