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Two Must Have Accessories for the Haworth Fern!

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If you’ve invested in the Haworth Fern chair, you already know how its ergonomic design supports your body during long work sessions but has shortcomings. To truly elevate your experience with the Fern, there are two accessories you absolutely need to consider. Not only do they enhance comfort, but they also take your overall experience to a new level. Let’s dive into what makes these accessories must-haves for your Haworth Fern.

🌿Arm Rest Pads: Buy here

The armrests of the Haworth Fern can sometimes feel a bit too hard for extended use. These Arm Rest Pads are the perfect solution to this problem. With a soft yet supportive design, they provide a much-needed cushion, alleviating any discomfort you might experience without them. The pads seamlessly fit over the existing armrests, ensuring that you can maintain the chair’s sleek aesthetic. After adding these pads, you’ll never want to go back to the standard armrests again!

🌿Lumbar Pillow: Buy here

While the Haworth Fern comes with a built-in lumbar support, this Lumbar Pillow is a game-changer. It’s far superior to the chair’s original offering, providing a more aggressive and targeted support for your lower back. The pillow’s design is highly adaptable, allowing you to adjust it for the perfect fit. If you find the standard lumbar support a bit lacking or too rigid, this pillow will be a welcome improvement, enhancing your comfort and potentially alleviating back pain from long sitting hours.

These two accessories are essential additions to your Haworth Fern setup. Whether you’re using the chair for work or leisure, these upgrades will ensure you remain comfortable and well-supported throughout the day. Upgrade your Haworth Fern with these must-have accessories and transform your sitting experience!

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