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BenQ ScreenBar Pro: A Glimpse into the Future with Motion Detection

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Buy Your Own Here: BenQ ScreenBar Pro

The BenQ ScreenBar Pro is the latest release in BenQ’s impressive lineup of monitor lights, offering a sophisticated and enhanced lighting experience for your workspace. With its innovative technology and thoughtful design, the ScreenBar Pro sets a new standard for monitor lights, making your workspace more comfortable and visually appealing.

Motion Detection: A Glimpse Into the Future

The standout feature of the BenQ ScreenBar Pro is its advanced motion detection technology. This innovative addition gives you a futuristic experience, as the light automatically illuminates your desk when you sit down, allowing you to begin work immediately without needing any manual adjustments. The hands-free approach enhances your workspace’s efficiency and convenience.

Future Improvement: Automatic Dimming Mode

While the ScreenBar Pro already impresses with its motion detection capabilities, one potential improvement would be adding an automatic dimming mode for both warm and cool kelvin values. This feature would allow the light to adjust its color temperature based on the time of day, optimizing your lighting environment. We see this with night shift on phones and computers, why not the light bar? This automation would elevate the user experience even further, making it an excellent addition to the next iteration of the ScreenBar series.

Recyclable Materials with Excessive Packaging

BenQ’s commitment to using recyclable materials in the ScreenBar Pro is commendable. However, the extensive packaging can result in a “Russian Doll” effect, where each box contains another, ultimately negating some of the eco-friendly efforts. Simplifying the packaging could further enhance the brand’s dedication to sustainability.

Unlike an iPhone it comes with a Charger!

Honestly, as simple as this sounds, with the USB C and a Charging Puck included, they are ahead of 99% of other companies on convenience and respecting our purchases!

Upgraded Monitor Attachment and Colors!

Match your desk aesthetic even more, be it white or black, curved or straight. The new ScreenBar comes in multiple colors as well as an improved attachment system for all types of monitor styles! This is a huge plus and way better than the previous version.

Temperature Quality

The ScreenBar Pro utilizes advanced LED technology to produce a balanced and natural illumination that enhances the viewing experience without straining the eyes. The carefully calibrated color temperature promotes productivity and reduces eye fatigue during extended screen time, making it an indispensable asset for anyone who values a comfortable and visually appealing workspace.

Front Lip Design

The ScreenBar Pro features a thoughtful front lip design that reduces glare and directs light toward the desk, away from your eyes and monitor. This design minimizes glare and ensures a comfortable viewing experience from any angle, while its strategic positioning redirects light downward, illuminating the workspace with precision and clarity.

Lux Performance

When it comes to brightness levels, the BenQ ScreenBar Pro truly excels. With a wide range of lux options, this light bar caters to a variety of lighting preferences and tasks. Whether you need a soft ambient glow for relaxation or a brighter, more intense illumination for focused work, the ScreenBar Pro delivers with precision and versatility, ensuring optimal lighting in any situation. They even increased the brightness by about 200 nits and the dim settings without flicker by quite a bit!

Final Thoughts

The BenQ ScreenBar Pro is a top-tier monitor light that continues to push the boundaries of workspace lighting. With advanced features such as motion detection, exceptional temperature quality, amazing uniform brightness levels, great touch capacitive buttons, and a focus on sustainability, it offers an outstanding experience that enhances both productivity and visual comfort. By incorporating potential improvements like automatic dimming, the ScreenBar Pro could set the benchmark for modern lighting solutions. Illuminate your workspace with the BenQ ScreenBar Pro and experience the future of lighting today.

Key Features and Performance

  • Temperature Quality: Utilizing advanced LED technology, the ScreenBar Pro produces balanced, natural illumination that enhances viewing experiences without causing eye strain.
  • Front Lip Design: The thoughtfully engineered front lip design reduces glare and directs light toward the desk, ensuring comfort and productivity.
  • Lux Performance: Offering a wide range of lux options, the ScreenBar Pro provides customizable lighting for various tasks and moods.
  • Fantastic Clamp: they really improved it this time around and it holds the monitor great without feeling like it will damage it!
  • The lower and higher brightnesses: It is nice to see the dimmest and brightest settings get an improvement without flicker.
  • Capacitive Buttons: They work great to the touch. No false positives.

Things we want to see

  • Kelvin Adjusting Auto Dimming: To truly remove the need for a puck the automated features need to fit everyone’s needs and the ability to night shift your kelvin values from cold to warm depending on the time of day is a MUST HAVE for this package to be complete.
  • No inclusion of the magnetic webcam holder on top. having to purchase a magnetic attachment and extra clamp for your webcam on the light, without any native way to secure it like the Halo, is disappointing for this price. You can purchase it as an accessory, but it will set ya back another 20$
  • If you already own the ScreenBar Halo, this will be an incremental upgrade in terms of “actual usage” versus “spec sheets”

Buy Your Own Here: BenQ ScreenBar Pro

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