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One of the best masks of 2020: The Halo Mask

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Face mask protective COVID-19 prevention cloth mouth coverings. Messy pile of clothes top view background. Handmade fabric masks of different colors and patterns.

I have a lot of masks as I am sure many of you do too: cloth masks, random Facebook ad masks, homemade masks, masks made by friends, masks bought from Etsy.
Unless you are an anti masker!
I have my KN95’s for super important moments like doctors visits and such, and the normal hospital masks for a pinch one use mask. But when I have a long day ahead of me where I am in need of comfort and safety, I reach for my Halo Mask 99% of the time. I have put some good hours into this mask.
First let’s talk about materials: It has a mesh outer, a pocket for a filter middle, and then a bamboo (soft and good for wicking sweat) on the interior. A lot of thought has gone into the materials:
And they have quite a few styles as well:
So what are first impressions when you order? They are packaged really well:
Each mask comes with a filter and 2 nose attachments for extra comfort if needed.
I have not found the need for the nose pads as the nose is already soft and firm to keep it sealed well. The filters easily slide in as the mask itself has a bridge in the middle to give it shape and not just fall apart, which has the extra added benefit of adding breathing room to your mouth and not having the mask do the “suction to your nose and mouth while breathing feeling”.
As well there are attachments on the ear loops to make them looser or tighter depending on your needs which makes finding the right size super easy!
So you get this super complete package, but how is it in terms of a FUNCTIONAL mask? Well according to their data and reports, DAMN GOOD, check out these stats:
If that isn’t enough, in my experience I just felt secure with this mask in NJ and NYC. The tight seal under the mask that grabs your chin and the good seal at the nose and adjustable ears keeps it snug but not suffocating due to that middle bridge. It really is a beautiful mask, and I mean that both in terms of functionality and style!
A new design they just released!
So there ya have it, my new go to mask for COVID when not in a doctors office, although I think I might feel comfortable with this and the filter there too, but then again I am extra precautious. But for all day wear, workouts, or just out and about daily activities, this is the PERFECT MASK.
So splurge on yourself. This is not going away any time soon, so might as well get something super comfy, stylish, and built to last, as well as a company that gives back to the community and health workers!
Purchase here: Halo Mask Direct Website or Amazon
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