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Enshrouded vs. Nightingale – Which should you play?

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First off these are NOT Valheim. But ONE of them has the potential to be a spiritual successor.


For those torn between the decision to delve into the realms of Nightingale or Enshrouded, a comparative analysis can illuminate the strengths and weaknesses of each game. This review aims to provide insights into the character creation, gameplay mechanics, combat systems, and storytelling of both titles.

Character Creation:

Enshrouded offers a swift character creation process with limited options, allowing players to choose a face and jump right into the action. In contrast, Nightingale’s character creation is more detailed but suffers from extreme facial features, making it challenging to achieve a desired look. Enshrouded’s smoother start and the ability to tweak placed objects block by block in building provide a more user-friendly experience, while Nightingale offers more complex customization options at the cost of accessibility.


While Enshrouded excels in crafting and base-building, its narrative falls short, with much of the story learned through reading books. This approach lacks the immersive quality found in other games. Nightingale, on the other hand, draws players in with stunning visuals and constant narration by the character Puck, enhancing the storytelling aspect. Enshrouded developers need to address this narrative gap to elevate the overall gaming experience.

Crafting and Base-Building:

Enshrouded impresses with its efficient crafting and base-building systems. Players can quickly engage in these activities and return to exploration, questing, and combat. New crafting stations are introduced as players encounter new NPCs for their bases, creating a staggered and rewarding progression. In Nightingale, crafting stations are abundant, potentially overwhelming players with options early in the game, hindering the fluidity of the experience.

Combat System:

While Enshrouded’s combat may not be on par with the complexity of soulslike games, it manages to be fun and engaging. However, the overreliance on the wand in the endgame is a drawback. Nightingale’s combat, as described, seems repetitive and lacks the finesse found in Enshrouded. Balancing issues in both games need attention, with Enshrouded needing to address the dominance of the wand and Nightingale refining its combat mechanics.


Choosing between Enshrouded and Nightingale requires consideration of individual preferences. Enshrouded’s strengths lie in its quick character creation, efficient crafting, and engaging combat, while Nightingale shines with its visual appeal and immersive storytelling. Both games, however, face challenges that developers must address to ensure long-term player satisfaction. Enshrouded needs to enhance its storytelling, while Nightingale requires improvements across various aspects beyond its narrative. Ultimately, the longevity and success of these games depend on ongoing content updates and the resolution of their respective issues.



  1. Quick and straightforward character creation.
  2. Efficient and enjoyable crafting and base-building mechanics.
  3. Engaging combat that, while not quite soulslike, offers fun gameplay.
  4. Staggered introduction of crafting stations tied to NPC encounters enhances progression.
  5. Fast-paced start with immediate access to fighting and base building.


  1. Limited character customization options.
  2. Lackluster storytelling, primarily conveyed through reading books, reducing immersion.
  3. Endgame combat tends to favor the wand, overshadowing other weapon options.
  4. Potential for limited replayability.
  5. Less visually stunning compared to Nightingale.



  1. Detailed character creation options.
  2. Stunning visuals contribute to a visually immersive experience.
  3. Constant narration by character Puck enhances storytelling.
  4. Abundance of crafting stations provides diverse options.
  5. Potential for a more detailed and nuanced combat system as the game progresses.


  1. Extreme facial features can make it difficult to achieve a desired look during character creation.
  2. Crafting stations are abundant, potentially overwhelming players early in the game.
  3. Repetitive combat mechanics, as described in the review.
  4. Gameplay can feel cumbersome compared to Enshrouded.
  5. Potential need for improvements across various aspects beyond storytelling.

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