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Since the inception of AltTabMe 10 years ago, we have always believed in iteration! We are happy to announce the next generation of TAB! Since Discord is the modern version of forums we have taken a different approach to give TAB members a voice. We invite you all to come try it out with us! We are currently in BETA, but in order to truly become the fleshed out community we need you, the TAB members, to contribute and particpate! This is why we are opening it up to you all TODAY! 

Not only is this a place for us to post awesome content, but it is a place for you to become a contributor, be it a Gaming Review, Tech Article, Lifestyle Blog Post, or you just need to rant. AltTabMe is the place for you! Then at the end of the day, we login to the TAB discord and shoot the shit, while playing games together!

Join the discord here:

For archival purposes will remain intact.

More about AltTabMe:
AltTabMe was founded on the idea of a place where fun and our everyday lives could intermingle. It is important that the stigmas attached to gaming and anonymity are not taken advantage of, but used to empower a mature community where actions reflect on the entire member base and give each individual a voice without defamation.

Community, friends, family, games — this is what the founders envisioned in the early development of ALTTABME. They wanted a place where their left and right brained selves could co-exist no matter what games they jumped to, opinions they formed, or side of the bed they woke up on. Several years later, the community has taken on a life of its own, growing into a family with an ever open door and welcoming words. Like a hostel in the middle of a big trail, you can choose to stay as long as you want or grab some information and be on your way.

Iteration plays a key role in this community, as it does in the industry of the games we play. Coming from a strong background in product management and development work in the gaming industry, the founders use their experiences to give ALTTABME community cutting edge tech while maintaining the “on the couch with a beer in the comfort of your own home” feel. The contributions we receive from the community keep with this philosophy.

AltTabMe has a wonderful group of admins, reporters, bloggers, and moderators that ensure our mission statement stays true. We are always looking for talented individuals who want to help with the community, so if you want to play a bigger role please feel free to contact us!

Pull up a chair, grab a beer and enjoy your stay!


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