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The Real Touch My Hands On “Off” Experience – NSFW

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​So, let me preface this with: I have always been intrigued by sex toys. Mostly my intrigue comes from Women’s sex toys. The main reason being, I find it interesting that Women have toys where they literally can just sit, stand, or lay down with said toy and let it do all the work.

Men on the other hand have a much smaller selection of sex toys available for them and most of them require a lot of effort. Now I don’t know about you but I have always wanted a sex toy that did all the work for me like a woman’s did! I didn’t want to tire out my arm with a toy. The idea of the word TOY itself means FUN, not work!

Well, when I first heard of The Real Touch I almost couldn’t contain my excitement.

WAIT WAIT WAIT… why the hell is there the start of a sex toy review on a gaming community site?!?!?!

Oh, give me a break, you are trying to tell me if you grew up in my generation you didn’t fill over half your harddrive with PORN and the other half with games? Pfftt lying sack of…. I digress. But on a serious note this thing is made of future. The tech to create this is just impressive and lends itself to our constant obsessions with the latest video card upgrades and the like.

What is the Real Touch:

In short, you plug it into your computer, turn on a porn video with special encoding that is sent to the device, take your pants off, put your manhood in it, and prepare for something you have never experienced before, EVER. “Millions and millions of dollars plus five years of development was put into the Real Touch”.

I never could get myself to fork out the cash for this device. As much as I viewed it as an amazing creation, I couldn’t shake the DRM part of it, and a subscription to an already expensive device seemed a bit excessive. (Some of you might be saying, WHY would you want a sex toy when you can have the real thing? Well, to be honest, I find it intriguing. You are not having sex every day of your life FIRST and Second, this thing really breaks ground when it comes to the Sex industry and Technology. Why wouldn’t you want to try it!? I think lonely night sans the Shallow OKCupid date, blood test, and background check is well worth this toys time.) Well when I ran across this article: “The Real Touch goes OPEN SOURCE” I knew I had to make contact.

I shot off an email immediately to the reps at Real Touch and asked if I could review the unit. Somewhere along the lines of “Innovative design” “Ground breaking sex toy” “Every guys dream toy” “Always wanted one” “Christmas list and Santa never listened, wasn’t naughty enough” “Gamer’s love porn”… ya know the basics.

And like the night before Christmas I couldn’t sleep and rightfully so because that morning I got an email back saying one would be shipped to me shortly!!!!

Well little did I know how this would just change the world of sex toys, fuck… masturbation in general for me. Ahhh I reminisce to the 28k dial up modem days when just getting that peak of the first nipple as the page loaded old school printer style was enough… oh the good ole… who am I kidding this thing made of sex future is out of this world!

Explaining the expected arrival of the Real Touch to my girlfriend, well that is another story haha, we will get to that later.

The Real Touch Arrives:

So this big ass box arrives. (do not think you can order this with subtlety) This thing weighs way more than I expected. About 4 lbs total with all the wires and other gizmos it comes with. I take it out and the first thing I notice is the size of it! It is roughly that 3/4 the size of a 1 liter bottle of soda.


Of course with any electronic device with moving parts, belts, etc I wanted to open it up to take a look at what I might end up being too afraid to stick my only penis into.

Well it is quite intimidating:

I then opened up the instruction manual. Usually I would skip that part, but yeah once again, only one penis… don’t wanna fuck this up.

It is pretty straight forward. It has a lube reservoir where you put the provided lube into. This is IMPORTANT. DO NOT SKIP THIS PART. While it has medical grade “belts” for a smooth experience, you really don’t want to put your dick into a belt sander with the same material. It is just bad penis etiquette.

The few warnings that came along with it were a bit of a turnoff but I figure, if McDonalds has “Warning it is Hot” on the label, I could look past

as the same, “Don’t be an Idiot” disclaimers”

I got a chance to speak with RealTouch Director of Sales, Scott Rinaldo about this as well.

Damn this thing is heavy! Why?

Touche Scott..

Scott, who was the first person to stick it in? And were they scared?

Scott light heartedly saying,

He followed up with,

Well if Scott could do it, so could I damn it!

The Real Touch Experience:

So the time came(oh the puns), and I got it all plugged in, configured my Windows Media Player to recognize the device(with a little help of live chat customer service), and loaded up the first video. The Real Touch comes with a few ways to watch videos:

  • 120 RealTouch VOD Minutes
  • 10 RealTouch Encoded Videos (DVD Included)
  • 4 Male Enhancement Videos (DVD Included)

The VOD Minutes are used on the which essentially streams encoded videos to your computer that you pay per minute for.

The 14 encoded videos you get are stored on DVD’s and can be played at no cost as many times as you like.

I figured my first experience should be free in-case I fucked something up/had to call 911… come on… like seriously? We are hard coded NOT to stick our dick in something with moving parts let alone belts! Anyway… I looked for the best out of the selection of videos. They really have something for everyone in this preset of videos. BJ’s, Missionary Sex, Anal, you name it. The enhancement videos are for things like Stamina Control and Penis Growth.

To be honest I don’t remember which one I loaded up first, but I do remember one thing, I said a little prayer as I inserted myself into the now covered up hole of this device. The video loaded and the ‘WGRGRGRGRGRGR” of the machine starting to move scared me enough where I literally pulled out of it. It is NOT quiet, you know it is working when it turns on.

I laughed and paused the video for try #2. I am sorry but as a man, you just have instincts about sticking your pal inside a machine like this!

So OK, finished up my pep talk and pressed play a second time. Oh.. my… god… This thing replicated what I saw on the screen with an accuracy that cannot be re-described and must be experienced. I was mad at myself for not pulling the trigger on getting one of these sooner!

If the porn star licked the bottom of the mans penis you felt that as only the bottom belt moved. If she spent time at the head you got the experience of what seemed like a tongue playing with you, the same is to be said for whatever orifice the porn star put it in. The encoding on these videos that translated to this device was scary, in the best way possible. Well, a few minutes later, all other thoughts were out the window, and it was over just as soon as it started.

You literally have only one thought when it is all done, “Ok I need to do that again!”

This is where the Real Touch capitalizes on its VOD minutes. You literally want to try every movie on the site after experiencing this thing once. The next video I did try was off the website.

I will say this, the VOD videos available on versus the prepacked videos are like night and day when it comes to intensity. The website videos are much more “aggressive” for lack of a better word. I had a chance to ask Scott about this and he said,

So when you are done with your first session the second thought that comes to mind is, “How the hell do I clean this thing?”

It is actually really easy, you can run it under your faucet and manually move the belts to get to every area. The case is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about hitting the electronic bits. They also provide you with a disinfectant spray to apply after use as well.

The Real Touch User Guide from a User:

So the Real Touch can be used in a various of different ways. You can hold it, you can put it on your desk, etc etc. If you go by the Real Touch website you assume you use it like this picture(this picture always made me laugh a little, just looks weird):


Well I must say the best experience I got from this thing was a little bit different. I found putting yourself all the way into it took away from the “Realistic Feel” as if you put it on your desk or chair and only went about 3/4 the way in. I don’t know if size matters or whatnot, but it also seemed to be dependent on the encoding and media. For instance during a Real Touch Interactive session I found that you had to stick yourself all the way in for the best experience. So I guess mess around with it to get the right feeling for you, but the ultimate goal is you should feel what you see!

The Real Touch Live:

This is something I didn’t even know about when they sent me the device. Last I knew the Real Touch only worked when watching a video. Well it seems they have been quite busy over there at Real Touch Interactive. Introducing “The Real Touch Joystick”.


This allows the person who has to joystick to literally move the Real Touch device depending on your actions. It simulates the “encoding” process that is done to the pre-made videos but live via squeezing, heat, etc. Like the Real Touch, The Joystick is a dildo with flexible circuit board, detects touch and light and plugs in to the computer. It literally feels different depending on “who” it is in.

Currently this is being utilized to turn “Adult Live Cam” sessions into a whole new experience. Real Touch launched a website called and gave out the Joystick device to a select cam models. Then the owner of a Real Touch can setup a “Date” with these cam girls. However here is the crazy part, instead of just watching girls on cam strip etc, they control your Real Touch device LIVE.

Scott considers this to be “one of the best ways to experience the Real Touch.”

DISCLAIMER: The Real Touch and the Model interaction worked just fine, it was my own personal qualms that resulted in the conclusion below.

When I first heard about this, I got a bit worried because knowing I would be writing a review I knew I would have to try everything it had to offer. Well try to explain THAT ONE to your girlfriend. A strip club your girlfriend can accept. Porn your girlfriend can accept. But mix those two with the stripper giving you a virtual handjob and you are bound to be crossing some boundaries. And I don’t disagree here, when you mix physical pleasure with live interaction you are pushing the boundaries of cheating to the extreme. Luckily my girlfriend is open minded and was OK with me doing this in the name of Science! (check The Real Touch Potential section below, for where I think this virtual interaction can truly be something AMAZING for couples)

Well being one of those people that at a strip club, feels a bit strange paying someone to pretend to like me. I must say, regardless of the good I heard about this experience, my personal experience was much less to be desired.

First I ran into some technical troubles with the device not syncing up with the model I setup a session with. This is on a beastly rig mind you.. But alas no amount of debugging seems to have resolved this issue. The Real Touch head of tech was extremely helpful and we worked on it a few times to try to figure out the problem. We never could come up with a resolution and I ended up having to find my old PC laptop and use that as the Interactive Software does not work with the mac yet. Apparently I am one of very few with these issues, but they seem dedicated to resolve them none-the-less.

I was actually kinda excited to see the joystick in action regardless of my self-reservations to this kind of interaction. Well I got to speak with one of the Cam Models prior to the session and she made some very interesting observations about the Real Touch and the Joystick in terms of it’s impact on the cam industry and the workers satisfaction on their end.

Well I had two sessions with the Interactive portion of the Real Touch. The first I had trouble staying “excited” yup, couldn’t keep it up. I felt the pressure of the 40$ put down on the date and the ticking timer of 10 minutes left in the session. It also took me the entire session to figure out how to position the Real Touch around me to get the maximum pleasure. So it was not the best experience.

The second experience went much smoother and was much more entertaining as well. The girl I spoke to had attached her Joystick to the end of a LIGHTSABER. (inner geek sqeeeeeee)

Not the actual image.​

She was a lot of fun, had really good energy, and was pretty successful at making me forget that I was a client. She also went above and beyond our “timed” session and “ground rules” of the “date”. Knowing how to position the Real Touch, I was able to reach a climax without much trouble. I still felt a weird disconnect with this kind of interaction. Hearing the models voice, it was soo surreal my brain had trouble accepting that the person in-front of me was real and causing the Real Touch to simulate her actions. It also did not help that I was on a laptop from 2001.

So my conclusion is simple really: This thing delivers what it says it will. An interactive date on a level you have never experienced before. If you like the world of Live Webcams and unlike me don’t get caught up in the “Red Tape” of a “Strip Club” like experience, this is definitely something you will enjoy. As for me though, this is just a small extra that this already awesome Sex Toy provides. From what I have heard the Real Touch Interactive part of the site is doing extremely well and those who work on that site are enjoying it more than they would a normal cam session. So in terms of success it is doing wildly well. Improving on a couple of technical issues such as latency and my strange “just doesn’t work” bug will really polish it up to be a revolution for the cam industry. Plus the Cam Models they have there are really very kind. I didn’t run across anyone that treated me as a “client”.

But there is something ELSE I am excited about with this technology:

The Real Touch Potential:

I ran across an article about the Real Touch and how they wanted to send 1000’s of Real Touch units to soldiers overseas. With the latest invention of“The Real Touch Joystick”, this seemed like a truly amazing way for couples that were in long distance relationships, on deployment, or just going to a business meeting for the weekend, to keep their sex life spiced up.

I got to speak with Scott Rinaldo about this in more detail. He said the future of the real touch and couples like my girlfriend and I who are miles apart is a top priority.

Right now the only place you can have an interactive Real Touch experience is This is not the most “couple friendly” site as it focuses on adult entertainers and is plastered with sexually explicit photos and adverts.

Rinaldo says,

Right now he says,

This is all really exciting. The Real Touch, while marketed as a sex toy obviously has its own perception to fight with, but with the right marketing and placement, this could really be the toy of couples around the globe. I mean if Oprah can talk about sex toys and how it helps your sex lives on TV why can’t the Real Touch be part of that movement.

I have already requested to be on the list of first people to get the Joystick for my girlfriend so we can try this out together!(Remember us Scott, REMEMBER US!!) Scott even talks about modifying the Joystick in ways where the woman gets more pleasure as well via vibrations and attachments.

And why not? This isn’t just a smut shop selling you a replica of your favorite porn stars vagina, it is a sex toy innovation that could allow for intimacy miles apart from one another.

Or (time for random kinky insert) this would be an awesome toy for the Dom/Sub types… imagine forcing your subject to use the real touch Joystick on themselves!? Now there is some mind boggling shit right there. Hey, don’t look at me that way, how many of you (men) have at one point or another said if you could reach it you wouldn’t leave the house… well with this device you technically could… now are you gonna put your money where you mouth is? LITERALLY. haha anyway that is a conversation for another day.

I think the first step of getting this device to our troops is a great idea. It is hard enough to leave your family behind to fight for your country, the least you can look forward to is some sort of intimacy with your wife back home.

So if Real Touch can manage to get over their own “sex toy” “porn” stigma, there are some really great things to come.(badoom cha) As Scott said to me

The Real Touch And the FUTURE:

Ok so why not take this one step further? We have all heard about the Oculus Rift have we not?

Now imagine if you might, the combination of Augmented Reality via the Oculus Rift combine with the Real Touch. MIND BLOWING(teehee).​
Then take it one step further… Imagine a way to get the interaction of the Joystick, the Real Touch, and the Oculus Rift to work together for one of the most amazing Cam shows you have ever experienced or for the troops or your long distance girlfriend, one of the most amazing intimate virtual experiences.​
The possibilities are truly endless here.​


So here are my conclusions after a month with this device.

The not so good: The Real Touch is made out of materials that do degrade over time. There are issues like the belts beginning to tear, seals coming open exposing wiring, the lube system sometimes getting blocked causing minor chaffing. Luckily RealTouch has a 90 day warranty and Scott himself said they usually extend that period of time for about a year, and replace units from wear and tear as a courtesy. As well version 2 should be out sometime in the future addressing the shortcomings of version 1.

The device has an expensive introduction fee with subsequent fees for streaming videos and live interactive dates. But on the flip side the Open Source nature, you have much more opportunity to get free content for your device.

The Very Good:

  • Masturbation will NEVER be the same, no seriously… you won’t want to do it manually ever again. As a guy to not have to do ANYTHING and get the experience it provides is our egotistical wet dream.
  • There is really a bright future ahead for Real Touch as a company both in the adult industry and private sector for couples and more discrete possibilities.
  • Due to the Open Source nature of the Real Touch now you have a lot more options as to how you get your videos that may not break the bank, although the encoding on the VOD from Real Touch is really quite spectacular and worth the investment. But at least you aren’t tied down to that and some of the open source tools people are making really push the device to a new level.
  • You can make your own Real Touch videos which could lead to… say, a personal sex tape with you and your partner for those times when they are not around.
  • Easy to clean and sturdy build quality.
  • Did I mention how this thing truly does feel amazing?

Some suggestions going forward:
These are a couple things I personally would like to see for the Real Touch in the future.

  • A more in-depth explanation of how it works when you first receive it. I.E. Picture diagram of how to put your penis in it. This was the scariest part of the whole experience.
  • Linking between the three sites: so you don’t have to login separately for all 3. They use the same username and password so it is more of an annoyance than anything else.
  • A warming mode where you can run the device for a set amount of time to get it to warm the belts more than the initially “warm up” cycle it runs when plugged in.
  • Mac Support
  • An on screen representation of minutes left during an interactive date session so you don’t have to have two windows open.
  • A better understanding of how you should be inserting yourself into the device depending on your size. There is a significant difference in the “feel” when you are inserted at different depths.

I cannot praise this thing enough. While it has some short comings(pun pun pun), it seems Real Touch is actively working to improve their product and what it offers. Their excellent customer service is a great indicator of how they care for their customers in the long term not just the upfront price tag. The high price tag may turn some off but for what it achieves it is truly a worthwhile investment for a taste of future when it comes to Sex Products. With the focus being turned to couples use and mainstream such as KY is to a common TV commercial, this products momentum is not something to be overlooked. It will never replace the real thing but it does create the real thing 2.0 and replaces/ruins normal masturbation forever.

I highly recommend you get your hands on this product so you can finally take your hands off!

P.S. Head over to and look at the model profiles they all have discount codes you can use to get this for 149$ instead of the 199$. (LOOK BELOW FOR A PROMO CODE!!!)

UPDATE: 6/17/2013

The Live Sessions

I had to write an update to this. Since I first tried this, the software has been updated, I was given test software throughout the process to get me up and running, and the models have started what seems like a great trend. “NO TIME LIMIT”. Now not all models do this, but some do and let me tell you, to purchase a “service” so to say and to be calm, no pressure, talking and enjoying the situation, makes the real touch and the camming sessions absolutely wonderful. I still get school girl red(luckily they can’t see me) but they can hear me giggle like a school girl when they ask me if I want a BJ or something else. I dunno it is still out of this world in terms of what you are doing. Still a bit over my head in terms of “holy shit were are actually at a place in the world, where this is possible”. But besides that I have had some really wonderful experiences.

Anyway I wanted to recommend, if you are going to purchase a Real Touch which I HIGHLY suggest you do. Worth it just to experience it even just once, then use this models coupon code:

Or just enter the promo code: ROSEBLACKXO50

Her name is RoseBlack and she is wonderful. She has no time limits, is beautiful, and very nice and easy going. She makes the jitters go away and is really there to please you and get your moneys worth so to say. God I feel like such a fucking ass for even saying that(ya know italian raised, respect women kinda thing), but she seems to enjoy what she does too, so I suppose I am not making my mother too upset.. why is my mother in a Real Touch review… fuck off topic, recover recover!!!

If you use that link you get 50 $ off your realtouch device as well as a free date with her! Win win!

The Device itself

One of my devices broke already, luckily Real Touch was super nice and replaces it under warranty(and even sometimes when it is no longer). One of the belts came loose, and the power brick failed. So I have to question to longevity of these things. I mean there are metal parts and you wash it under a faucet so if you don’t dry it properly I could see this becoming an issue. But at least they have a good replacement plan.

The Open Source Market

This is the best part! Since making this review the open source market has unified into one site: run by a cool dude named Johnny. He and another member have created two programs, a Player and an Encoder. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the beta and have scripted a few videos myself. It is intuitive and a lot of fun to be able to pick your favorite video(or maybe you have a personal sex tape you want to replay when the g/f is on vacation?) and tell it what to do.

A lot of freedom, extremely customization, and here is the kicker: FREE VIDEOS THAT ARE ENCODED. One of the main turn offs to me was that the Pay Per Minute was the only way to go for an encoded video beyond what they gave you in the sample pack. So now you can A: Make a permanent collection of videos, or B: Download a collection of videos from the users on that site! It is awesome, the members are awesome, and hopefully the beta software will be available to everyone soon so even more than the now over 100 videos will be available for download.

So there ya go. I still love my Real Touch and hopefully I can help you all get a great discount, video collection, and tips on keeping your unit dry.

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