March 3, 2024

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My First Spartan Race – The stuff you CAN’T Google

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After my first Spartan Race in Mountain Creek Vernon NJ, “The Beast” I just had to tell people about my experience, from the search for the right attire to the experience I never could have predicted in a million years. When you finally shower and lay down in your warm bed you have a tiny moment of euphoria rush over you as you recall back to the hours before where you were fighting hypothermia and staring at a mud soaked ground and your feet chanting to yourself, don’t quit but get out of your head about it too. You truly appreciate those soft sheets, the warmth, the shower…. I am still very tired and last night’s moment of complete dissociation with my surroundings after completing the 14-15 mile Spartan Beast, my first ever Spartan run in conditions even the veterans called grueling, kinda turns you around and you don’t even realize you finished it until you lay down and try to go to sleep realized only hours before you were at mile 12 ready to jump out of your own skin. Hope this helps some of you!

Either way this is my story and I am happy to share it!

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