Professional Photographer Shoots with Google Pixel 3

As a professional photographer, I love to push technology to the limits. Never getting stuck in my comfort zone. So let’s head out and play with the Goole Pixel 3! Enjoy the ride. This was a blast to use. Check my instagram to see more! @tristanpope Special thanks to everyone involved Model: @nataliederyn Behind the Scenes: @700x Studio Cats: @staccatoandcoda Photographer: @tristanpope All I...

Rotolight Aeos LED (with HSS Flash) Behind the Scenes Review

A first look at the Rotolight Aeos a powerful, ultra-portable, all in one bi-colour LED light and HSS flash. Aeos Available to buy here: V Battery: Elinchrom Remote Trigger: This was a blast to use. More videos using this light for sure, wow! ▇▇▇▇▇▇Special thanks to everyone involved▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ Model Erin: @erinleehicks Makeup and...

The Neo II LED (with HSS Flash) by Rotolight: Does it just work?!

A first look at the Neo II by Rotolight!

The Magic of the Mass Effect Trilogy: Love and Loss [Opinion]

The Mass Effect: Andromeda team recently announced that there are no further development plans for the single-player campaign. Mass Effect universe fans have voiced their disappointment with this decision all over the internet. A former Bioware developer indicated that multiplayer games are easier to monetize, and with the Andromeda’s poor sales, the developers will focus attention on activities t...

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