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Blub Blub

2 min read

Goldfish are evil… You win them at carnivals, not by choice but because the 2 year old standing next to you is give you the poor defenseless eyes of I REALLY REALLY want a fish look, I will care for it and love it and feed it and love you for getting it for them… WRONG, NOPE, DEFINITELY NOT IT! Soooo you win the fish… Now it starts… You carry this dumb plastic bag around the rest of the day, so while your little 2 year old innocent, doll face, FU…. ooo sorry almost got carried away.. so while, they are on the cool rides you are stuck with the dumb fish watching, cursing that damn ring toss! So lets just skip ahead here to the good stuff: You are now stuck with this fish and here is the reality of the fish and the loving care and affection it gives to you:

(fish will be represented by “blub blub”) Feed the fish, blub blub, clean the fish bowl, blub blub, stick your hand in to touch the fish, it swims away, blub blub, star at the fish through inch thick glass, blub blub, talk to the fish, blub blub, look for affection, blub blub, (repeat so many times you are almost in your grave) You look into the bowl one day and you say, wow the kid gave it a ton of food today, when you realize it is all the food from that week piled on something floating upsidown! How would the kid have known, it looked like it was still swimming. FINALLY fish dies, you are sad, have moment of guilt, flush down the toilet… A sudden sense of relief and freedom, your life begins again, when all of a sudden you realize… crap I feel guilty and need to buy another fish for the other fish that was in the container since it is now looking lonely…


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