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The ONE Accessory YOU NEED for your Sony Camera by SmallRig

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This is a look at the SmallRig L Bracket the MUST have accessory for the Sony A7iii/A7riii/A9/A7series cameras. This is the system I use to attach everything to my tiny Sony camera while keeping bulk down and versatility up!

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All my gear in the video and what I use:

Sony A7R iii

Sony 24 mm F1.4 Lens

Sennheiser Mic:

Sokani 5 inch Monitor:

SmallRig Shop:
SmallRig Wooden Handle:
SmallRig Cage Sony:
SmallRig Grip:
Monitor Holder:
Articulating Arm:
Extended Coldshoe:
Monitor Panning Adapter:
HDMI Clip:

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