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The Gold Standard Herman Miller Aeron & Why I Am Replacing It

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I am on a journey to find my new Office/Everyday Chair.
The Golden Standard Herman Miller Aeron has been my daily driver for over 10 years. But we have not seen eye to eye / butt to butt lately.

The Aeron’s insistence on proper posture clashed with my habits. I’m a leg-crosser—a rebel who defies the chair’s orthodoxy. The hard plastic dug into my calf, a constant reminder of my defiance. Sciatic pain escalated, and my once-beloved Aeron transformed into a stern taskmaster.

The Aeron’s strict posture enforcement became my nemesis. Cross-legged? Slouching? The chair disapproved, digging its hard plastic edges into my flesh. Sciatic pain flared, and my rebellion intensified.

“Sit straight,” it commanded. “Or suffer the consequences.”

So it’s time for a change!

My name is Tristan and I’m currently on the search for a high-quality office chair that rivals my long-time favorite, the Herman Miller Aeron. I prefer chairs that allow for versatility, such as crossing one leg over the other, which is challenging with chairs that have hard edges.

I’m hopeful to find a better alternative and would appreciate any recommendations.

Let’s share our experiences and find the best home office chair out there!

The Herman Miller Aeron:

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