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STUFFED, A Fluffy Call of Duty with a hint of Horror!

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Genres: FPS, Survival, Action
Developer: Waving Bear Studio
Platforms: PC & Xbox
Release Dates:

  • Early Access PC: 9th December 2021
  • Full Release PC: Q1/Q2 2024
  • Xbox Release: 20th December 2023


  • PC: £10.29 GBP, $12.99 USD
  • Xbox: £10.29 GBP, $12.99 USD

Summary: STUFFED is a charming yet thrilling first-person shooter where you take on the role of a teddy bear defending your owner, Ellie, from her nightmares. The game can be played solo or with up to three friends in an online co-op mode, though Xbox players will have to wait for the co-op feature to be fully implemented.

Gameplay Overview: In STUFFED, the main objective is to defend Ellie’s bedroom door from waves of nightmarish enemies. The gameplay is divided into nights, each bringing increasing challenges as you progress. Players can choose to go it alone or team up with friends in a cooperative mode, which adds a layer of strategic depth and camaraderie.

Features Breakdown:

Procedurally Generated Maps: Every night, players will find themselves navigating a different version of Ellie’s house, thanks to the procedurally generated maps. This ensures that each playthrough offers a unique experience, preventing the game from becoming repetitive. The constantly changing environment keeps players on their toes, as they must adapt their strategies to new layouts and enemy spawn points.

Unique Weapons: STUFFED stands out with its creative arsenal of weapons, all fashioned from everyday household items. Highlights include:

  • Popcorn Grenade: A fun and explosive weapon that scatters popcorn, damaging enemies in its blast radius.
  • Cola Cannon: Shoots streams of fizzy cola, providing both a visual treat and effective crowd control.
  • Bubble Blaster: A whimsical gun that fires bubbles to ensnare and slow down enemies.

These inventive weapons add a playful element to the gameplay, making combat both engaging and enjoyable.

Enemy Varieties: The game features an array of quirky and imaginative enemies that add to the challenge and fun. Some notable foes include:

  • Inflatable Shark: Glides through the floor and surprises players with swift attacks.
  • Jetpack Robot: A formidable opponent that uses a jetpack to navigate and fires rockets from a distance.
  • Toy Soldiers: Smaller enemies that come in swarms, overwhelming players if not dealt with quickly.

The diversity in enemy types keeps the gameplay dynamic, requiring players to constantly adjust their tactics.

Teddy Bear Customization: Customization is a significant aspect of STUFFED, allowing players to personalize their teddy bear with various outfits and furs. This feature not only adds a cosmetic appeal but also fosters a deeper connection with the character. Unlocking new customization options as you progress provides additional motivation to keep playing.

Multiplayer and Co-op Mode: While the core single-player experience is solid, the game truly shines in its cooperative mode. Teaming up with friends adds layers of strategy and fun, as players can coordinate their efforts to tackle tougher waves of enemies. However, it’s worth noting that the online co-op feature is still in development for Xbox, limiting this experience to PC players for now.

Technical Aspects and Issues: Despite its many strengths, STUFFED is not without its flaws. Players have reported several bugs and technical issues, including:

  • Sound Glitches: Audio tends to cut off intermittently, which can be jarring and affect the immersion.
  • Matchmaking Problems: Issues with rejoining lobbies and random disconnections can disrupt the flow of gameplay.
  • Lag and Crashes: Particularly during later nights, players have experienced significant lag and game crashes, affecting the overall enjoyment.

Hot Takes:

  • “STUFFED is like COD Zombies, but with an adorable twist. The unique weapons are a blast to use!” – Jordan P.
  • “I love the teddy bear customization! It adds a fun, personal element to the game.” – Sarah K.
  • “Despite some bugs, STUFFED offers endless fun, especially in co-op mode. Can’t wait for future updates!” – Mark T.

Pros and Cons:


  • Creative Weapons: The use of household items as weapons is both fun and innovative.
  • Procedurally Generated Maps: Keeps the gameplay fresh and unpredictable.
  • Customizable Characters: Adds a personal touch and enhances player engagement.
  • Unique Enemy Designs: Fighting quirky and varied enemies keeps the game interesting.
  • Engaging Co-op Mode: Playing with friends adds a layer of strategy and fun.


  • Bugs and Glitches: Sound issues and matchmaking problems can disrupt the experience.
  • Co-op Limitations on Xbox: Xbox players currently can’t enjoy the full co-op experience.
  • Lag Issues: Lag during multiplayer sessions can make the game frustrating to play.
  • Weapon Balancing: Some weapons are far more desirable than others, affecting gameplay balance.

Final Thoughts: STUFFED is an incredibly fun and innovative take on the horde-based shooter genre, blending adorable aesthetics with intense action. While there are some technical issues that need addressing, the game’s creativity and charm make it a must-play, especially for fans of COD Zombies looking for a more family-friendly experience. With upcoming updates and fixes, STUFFED has the potential to become a standout title in its genre.

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