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The Toucan Camera Doorbell! Just as good as Ring.

So I have wanted a doorbell camera for awhile specially now in times of COVID where you don’t really wanna open the door for everyone. I haven’t had this long, but so far it paired with my iPhone 11 Pro immediately. It paired with the wireless chime immediately. It paired seamlessly with my wifi and updated the firmware immediately. And it was ready to be installed! I used the 3M tape ...

Individually together, we can change the world!

If you think the protests are not fluidly expanding on #allblacklivesmatter you are deaf to the situation of the country. For the last 3 months and continuing, we are facing a pandemic that our government is in charge of protecting the people from. The people are in charge of their own selflessness and ability to protect their neighbor of course(which is proving to be difficult for some however al...

You aren’t alone although it feels that way, during quarentine.

I posted this on social media because of what I have been observing. Some of the responses gave me hope, others baffled me. It did however inspire a much longer response as to why I would post this. I wanna be clear I did not put this out there to ask for “permission” to break social distancing or quarantine. I put this out there because as we get deeper into this thing, the “all...

Affordable 30$ Mobile Photography Lighting vs the Profoto C1 500$ Scam

This video is about the Profoto C1 “Mobile Light” scam. It is overpriced and marketed to rip people off, riding the wave mobile photography trend popularity. I use their marketing video as a baseline to show how the shots they took can be “replicated” with our own styles of shooting of course with LED lights 1/8th the price. That video can be seen here:

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